Салина Маргарита Витальевна


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1 The determination of the biocompatibility of new compositional materials, including carbamide-containing heterocycles of anti-adhesion agents for abdominal surgery / D.A. Fedorishin, M.V. Lyapunova, A.A. Bakibaev, V.P. Tuguldurova [et al] // Molecules. 2024. Vol. 29, № 4. Art. num. 851. DOI: 10.3390/molecules29040851
2 CeO2-supported Pt-Ag bimetallic catalysts for 4-nitrophenol reduction / T.S. Kharlamova, M.V. Salina, V.A. Svetlichnyi, M.A. Salaev [et al] // Catalysis Today. 2022. Vol. 384-386. P. 12‒24. DOI: 10.1016/j.cattod.2021.08.031
3 Salina M.V., Kharlamova T. S., Svetlichnyi V.A., Mamontov G.V. Ceria-supported PtAg bimetallic catalysts: Features of formation of PtAg active species // Catalysis: from science to industry : proceedings of VI International scientific school-conference for young scientists, 6-10 october 2020. Tomsk: "Ivan Fedorov" publishing, 2020. P. 40.