Кирсанова Екатерина Анатольевна


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1 Galkin D.V., Kirsanova E.A., Netesova M.V. Fight for walls: "Patriotic graffiti" as a method of the public imagery formation by pro-kremlin youth organizations in Russia //3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences And Arts. SGEM 2016, 6-9 April 2016 Vienna, Austria : conferense proceedings. Book 4 : Arts, Performing Arts, Architecture and Design, vol.1 : History of Arts, Contemporary Arts, Performing and Visual Arts. Sofia, 2016. P. 283-290.
2 Ardashkin I.B., By'kov A.A., Kirsanova E.A. The status of world outlook and environmental competencies in aerospace engineering training: the general and special //MATEC Web of conferences. 2016. Vol. 48. P. 1-6. URL: http://www.matec-conferences.org/articles/matecconf/abs/2016/11/matecconf_tomsk2016_06004/matecconf_tomsk2016_06004.html (date of access: 06.03.2017).