Юрина Елена Андреевна

Юрина Елена Андреевна Запись на получение пропуска
Elena A. Yurina Doctor of Philology, professor Professor in the Department of the Russian language at Tomsk State University (Tomsk, Russia). The author of more than 130 publications, among them 5 monographs, 12 dictionaries, 4 study guides, 2 author’s certificates for the e-learning resources development. Skills and expertise – cognitive semantics, theory of metaphor, general and dialect lexicology, lexicography, linguoculture, discourse theory, corpus-linguistics. Born 10 September 1970 in Rubtsovsk, Altai Region. Elena A. Yurina graduated from the Faculty of Philology Tomsk State Un...

  • Учёная степень
    д-р филол. наук
  • Учёное звание
  • Общий стаж
    26 лет
  • Педагогический стаж
    26 лет
  • Стаж научной деятельности
    31 год
  • Образование
    Высшее образование, Филолог